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Scranton High School

Competitive Stage & Show Choirs


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Welcome the Home of the Scranton High School Stage & Show Choirs!

Scranton High School is located in northeastern Pennsylvania and has been in existence since 1991. The Choral Department features five performing ensembles including Concert Choirs, Chamber Choirs, and two award winning Show Choirs. There are approximately 120 students in the program.

Every year we present two major concerts including our Winter Holiday Concert and our Spring Concert. Our students also have many performances around the community, on National Tours and at neighboring schools. Our Show Choir ensembles go on a five day camp mid-summer to learn their show choir sets and to bond and build up their teamwork skills. This same group of students tours together in the Spring. 

Scranton High School has been proud to have many students selected for the Pennsylvania All-State Choir and received many National Show & Stage Choir Awards.  Through the years, they have performed for many national leaders, international radio news shows, and have competed up and down the eastern seaboard (Williamsburg, VA/Myrtle Beach, SC/Pigeon Forge, TN/Orlando, FL/Sandusky, OH). Our students eagerly excel in vocal performance and pedagogy, musical theater, dance, acting, music theory, sight reading and music history knowledge.

Concert Choir is a performance group dedicated to a variety of vocal repertoires. It is open to all students in grades 9-12 and to all students who have an interest in choral music and performance. Mandatory public performances include holiday and spring concerts. An audition is not required for this choir.. Students who like to sing will be given the opportunity to do so with this performance group.

Chamber Choir is a performing group open to students in grades 9-12 who have formal choral experience and a basic knowledge of music. Instruction in music theory, required solfeggio reading (sight-singing), and exposure to improvisation are covered in this class. Each week, students work on music theory and concert music. Music performed includes a variety of classical, jazz, pop/show music and foreign language literature. Mandatory performances include regularly scheduled concerts, such as holiday and spring concerts, and other concerts as required by the directors. A vocal audition or director approval is required prior to being enrolled in this class. Membership in this group is limited.

Knight Rhythms is our full competitive stage choir.  This is the choir from which all students originate.  Every student in the program is a part of this ensemble and assigned to a show choir.  However the primary focus of this choir is community service performing by invitation for various community organizations primarily in NEPA.  This choir competes in competitions/festivals as they become available.

First Edition is our mixed ensemble consisting of boys and girls in four parts.  It is the first show choir that we formed here at Scranton HS and the first competitive show choir in the state.

Glitter & Gold is an unisex (all-female) show choir consisting of twenty four female voices singing up to four part harmonies.  It is the second show choir we created here at Scranton HS and the first competitive unisex show choir in the state.



Knights Amplified is mainly comprised of students from within our school who have a passion for music and show choir.  These students rehearse weekly and accompany our show choirs in competition.  They are crucial to the success of each show choir in competition. Preference for members of the band will be given to students who can enroll in the course during the school day, and are also members of the competitive stage choir-Knight Rhythms

Our Ensembles

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